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Emacs ediff

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Ediff. This file documents Ediff, a comprehensive visual interface to Unix diff and patch utilities. Session Commands, Ediff commands used within a session. Toggles the Ediff Quick Help window ON and OFF. With prefix argument, saves the plain output from diff (see ediff-diff-program and ediff-diff-options). . Auto- refinement is turned off on devices where Emacs doesn't support highlighting. 5 Aug Ediff also supports merging operations on files and buffers, including merging That version is nice, but it opens a new Emacs for every diff.

17 Jan Once you make Ediff bearable, it becomes wonderful. At least this was my experience. It's a very good tool, but some of the defaults look very. (defun ediff-copy-both-to-C () (interactive) (ediff-copy-diff directly, but you can teach Emacs what to do if you have a standard requirement. Emacs is doing what you told it to do instead of what you meant. ediff-revision asks for three pieces of information: The file to work on — default.

As explained here, ediff-directories causes Emacs to enter ediff-meta-mode, so you'll be dropped into the "Ediff Session Group Panel" first. 12 Dec Ediff is one of those things which make Emacs so much more than just an editor. It is an extremely convenient way of viewing differences in files. 13 Jun To compare the contents of two text files, use M-x ediff-files and open the two files you want to compare. Emacs will then open one above the. Fortunately, Emacs contains an interface to diff, called Ediff, that makes it much easier. Besides making it easier to look at the output from one diff, Emacs also. Git knows about a number of standard diff/merge tools, including or similar. ediffclient will use emacsclient and not start a new emacs, which I.

22 Mar In emacs, M-x magit-status brings up magit, navigate in the magit buffer to the file you want to use ediff with (such as a file that has a merge. 11 Mar Diffing files you've got open in your Emacs. M-x ediff-buffers Once inside an ediff session, put focus in the ediff navigator and use e.g. I was wondering what diff/ediff features do people use. Are there any that really stand out, in comparison with other text editors?. 7 Nov bbatsov/solarized-emacs Ediff faces work poorly with dark theme # Using ediff with the solarized-dark theme, the backgrounds of diff.


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